I’m Bryan, I’m an illustrator and designer based in New England. For more than a decade I've worked in the mobile games space—predominately at GSN Games/WorldWinner where I had the privilege of working on original games as well as licensed IP in partnerships with companies like Electronic Arts, PopCap, Atari, Sony, Hasbro, The Tetris Company and more.

My passion is in visual storytelling, something that I discovered during my time at the Rhode Island School of Design. I try to incorporate storytelling principles into all of my work, whether it's game design or branding/marketing—having some assemblance of a narrative in mind facilitates design decisions and makes an end product more cohesive.

My other interests include Science Fiction and Fantasy, 80s/90s sitcoms, animation, gaming, documentaries/podcasts, bad pop music, coffee and taking my dogs to the park. It's nice to meet you, new friend!
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